FAQ - telecolanza

Do I need to have a telephone connection in order to have internet?

No. You do not need a telephone connection, our connections come from repeaters throughout the island.

What is the maximum speed that I can have?

We have connections of 2Mbps, 6Mbps and 10 Mbps for individual use. For companies we have 20Mbps, (check availability)

Is there any limit on my internet connection?

No. Our connection do not have any limits as they are assigned an Ip address dynamically, which if needed can be fixed.

Can I have a landline?

Yes, you can. We have telephone lines with tariffs for national and international calls with a 928 prefix.

Is there any type of permanence?

We have connections with and without permanence, you decide which suits you best. (Check connections)

Can I have a symmetric connection?

Yes, we have connections of 6/6mbps and 9/9mbps. You can also add Megs to the upload for individuals and companies.

Am I dealing with a Company which complies with the legislation?

Yes, Telecolanza is registered in CNMC (CMT) and is trained and certified by the companies which we work with Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, etc.

How does the legislation affect the connections with other companies who do not apply them?

In the first place each client receives a public IP address dynamically, we respect the legislation in question of frequencies and data protection of clients. Other companies connect various clients to the same public IP.

What is the difference between Telecolanza and other companies who offer similar services?

Relation quality and price, our connections are the highest in relation to price. Trained certified personnel. In Telecolanza we believe that to have quality internet at a good price is available to everyone.


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